Through the fire and flames
Episode 1

Characters: Costume Guy and Bruce

Takes place: Trenton, New Jersey. May 5th 2005


Costume Guy: *Trips over cape* Crap!

Bruce: you okay?

Costume guy: *Goes to hospital* Im fine *smashes hospital* Im good now

Bruce: O-e

Costume guy: You okay?

Bruce: Ya

Costume guy: Holy cow! There's a helicopter on fire, we need to help the people in there!

Bruce: Okay, What are you doing just standing there! we need to save them!

Costume guy: Who? Didn't you already save them?

Bruce: No!

Costume guy: Why are we just standing here?

Bruce: :| really? The people in the helicopter are going to die!

    • Helicopter explodes*

Both: Too late.

Costume guy: Well we failed at one thing.

    • Bruce facepalms*

Bruce: What now?

Costume guy: Idk

Bruce: There must be something we can do.

Costume guy: Eat pizza?

Bruce: Nah.

Costume guy: Uhhhh... That helicopter was a bird.

Bruce: -.-

The End.